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ALLEGIANCE - As The Entity Did Rise


Image of ALLEGIANCE - As The Entity Did Rise

We are delighted to announce the cassette release of ALLEGIANCE's debut demo 'As The Entity Did Rise' limited to 100 copies, available for pre-order! Official release date is 15th May and all orders will be packed up and shipped the following day.

We have a limited stock of CD digipack versions from the band to sell and are also offering package deals!

If you want an accurate overseas shipping please message us!

Hailing from Toulouse, France, Allegiance offers a melodic black metal, respecting the codes of the Norwegians classics, especially Emperor, but without forgetting its own personality.

'As The Entity Did Rise' was recorded during the winter of 2015 and released via the bands Bandcamp page and later on a self released digipack CD. Here at Blackwood Productions we loved the demo so much we struck a deal to release it on cassette. A small number of CD digipacks will also be in the distro soon and will be available alongside the cassette when it is available to order!

Asgorn (Lead Vocals/Guitars)
Bèr (Guitars)
Alakihel (Bass-Guitar/Backing Vocals)
Obscurisis (Drums)
Delok (Synths/Backing Vocals)