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WOLFBASTARD - Wolfbastard - Cassette


Image of WOLFBASTARD - Wolfbastard - Cassette

We are proud to unleash the cassette reissue Wolfbastard's debut album. D-beat Black Metal hailing from Manchester.

Originally released by our friends at UKEM Records in 2015 on digipack CD, this album was always destined for a cassette release!

1. Goat Tyranny
2. German Dungeon Porn
3. Nuclear Holocaust
4. Death Filth Disease
5. Sick in the Bath
6. Nuns for the Slaughter
7. Fat Romanian Punchbag
8. Lupine Blasphemies
9. Fuck the Pope
10. Summoning the Antichrist
11. Die Bastard Die
12. Wolfbastard


Thanks to Arron Tierney for his stunning work with the design!

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CD still available from UKEM Records: http://www.ukemrecords.co.uk/